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as the sun begins to rise

I really love Doctor Who
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hi, my name is kristen. i'm 21, bisexual and single. i live in fort lauderdale, florida where i go to the art institute for graphic design. i'm also a photographer. i ℓovε set it off, marianas trench, simple plan, doctor who, thor (or chris hemsworth) and photography.

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bad people shouldnt be allowed to have clear skin or good hair or nice jaw lines or green eyes


the rock is fucking precious


I have many stained images in my head because of what I went through in grade school. A lot of them I wish I could wipe clean, but it’s not that easy. Instead, I’ve learned to embrace the fact that I have overcome these painful experiences and have become a better person because of it….


I did a thing


(I miss you so bad) I miss you so bad, 
(I miss you so bad) I miss you so bad,
(I miss you so bad) I wanna share your horizont, 
(I miss you so bad) And see the same sunrising, 
(I miss you so bad) And turn the hour hand back to when you were holding me.

Pierre and David should always sing this song together.


pierre and david are in love.

that is all.


The kiss seen all around the world.


Hott Baguettes will NEVER die!

Anonymous Asked:
Where can I find a video of how David Pierre kisses? please :))))

My answer:


You mean David kissing Pierre in the chat? 12:30!


The magic thread is a reference to ? Come on guys, I know you know. A clue : it’s about a Disney movie with gods. Too easy.

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